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TRANSPARENT or Non Anonymous (NOA) Proxies are the web server can know you are using a proxy and it can also know your real IP address. The lowest level of anonymity. Your IP address is hidden from the websites you access. However, these proxies cache the website pages you visit. This makes web access faster, but it also means your IP can be found on the server. People often choose this option when their goal is to visit blocked websites, bypass firewalls or download from file hosting sites - rather than hide identity.

Free TRANSPARENT (NOA) Proxy Premium Server List

IP Proxy:PortProxy TypeAnonymity LevelCountry (City)Hostname (ISP/ORG)ResponseUptimeCheck Time (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Kotamobagu) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)21.36516% 7 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Nuremberg) (Contabo GmbH)11.14220% 8 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran (Tehran) (Farabord Dadeh Haye Iranian Co.)5.41916% 10 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Gualaquiza) (Telconet S.A)3.78525% 11 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Araçatuba) (TELLIUS TELECOMUNICACOES DAS AMERICAS LTDA)3.10323% 15 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Afghanistan (Kabul) (AS133457)10.00416% 17 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru !!! (America Movil Peru S.A.C.)6.75550% 17 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bogor) (PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi)6.86615% 19 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Umuarama) (SEMPRENET TELECOM - PROVEDOR DE TELECOMUNICACOES L)22.40417% 20 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Lima) (OPTICAL TECHNOLOGIES S.A.C.)11.70421% 21 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Montenegro (Podgorica) (Drustvo za telekomunikacije MTEL DOO)5.45622% 23 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States107.152.39.96 (TZULO)21.96650% 24 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Alibaba US Technology Co., Ltd.)2.21963% 24 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Yogyakarta) (BIZNET NETWORKS)6.7312% 24 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Vitória da Conquista) (QUALITY TELECOMUNICACAO)12.57714% 26 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (JAMBONET)7.86415% 26 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Concepcion del Oro) (Marcatel Com, S.A. de C.V.)17.35324% 27 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT. Putra Lebak Banten)18.27415% 27 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Blumenau) (Unifique Telecomunicacoes SA)20.57226% 30 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Nigeria (Onitsha) (Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN)5.46113% 31 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Bengaluru) (Bangalore Broadband Network Pvt Ltd)6.20318% 31 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Depok) (PT Global Teknologi Teraindo)3.11426% 34 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Indramayu) (PT Anugerah Cimanuk Raya)2.12723% 34 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Istanbul) (Turk Telekom)4.43416% 34 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Maturín) !!! (MANGO NETWORK, C. A. MANGONET, C. A)4.99823% 36 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Council Bluffs) (GOOGLE-CLOUD-PLATFORM)10.03922% 36 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Dhaka) (aamra networks limited)15.22731% 37 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Ninh Binh) (VNPT Corp)8.08316% 38 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Istanbul) (High Speed Telekomunikasyon ve Hab. Hiz. Ltd. Sti.)2.29522% 38 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Niğde) (Turk Telekom)3.5210% 38 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Mora Telematika Indonesia)6.56717% 39 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bogor) (PT 3D Tech)17.90327% 40 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Citra Celebas Multimedia)15.8711% 41 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Rosario) (IP*RED)13.87919% 41 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Lima) (IPTP NETWORKS S.A.C.)11.52732% 42 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Finland (Helsinki) (Hetzner Online GmbH)6.5533% 43 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Czech Republic (Turnov) (ISP Alliance a.s.)2.54417% 45 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Medan) (Media Antar Nusa PT.)24.91917% 46 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Kearney) (GREAT-PLAINS-COMMUNICATIONS)4.00111% 46 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Berkley) (COMCAST-7922)3.1119% 46 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)12.59329% 47 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Superonline Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.)1.96320% 48 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey !!! (High Speed Telekomunikasyon ve Hab. Hiz. Ltd. Sti.)2.98515% 48 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Santo Domingo de los Colorados) !!! (TELEALFACOM CIA. LTDA.)11.3927% 49 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Biznet ISP)18.26520% 51 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Nigeria (Lagos) (Autonomous System number for Cyber Space)10.39722% 51 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bulgaria (Kochan) (UltraNET Ltd)6.4285% 52 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Keputih) (PT INTER MEDIALINK SOLUSI)2.505new -53 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (St Petersburg) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)19.58416% 54 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Gaziantep) (Superonline Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.)8.5199% 54 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) (FIBERNET SPA)18.7689% 55 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Netherlands (Naaldwijk) (WorldStream B.V.)2.20519% 56 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia36.64.132.91 (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)3.06733% 57 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mozambique (Maputo) (ABARICOMMOZ)3.33611% 57 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Gulfport) (CABLEONE)5.29411% 58 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Guayaquil) !!! (INTERCOMMERCE S.A.)2.836% 58 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)7.40124% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Yogyakarta) (PT Media Sarana Data)10.21621% 1 hours ago (3proxy)Transparent (NOA)United States72.52.91.102 (HURRICANE)11.40813% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Fortaleza) (MOB SERVICOS DE TELECOMUNICACOES S.A.)22.7624% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (São Paulo) (Wireless Comm Services LTDA)3.59519% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Hanoi) !!! (VNPT Corp)4.33417% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Ciamis) !!! (PT Citra Jelajah Informatika)16.72731% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (Liquid Telecommunications Ltd)18.93118% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Tirupur) (Laya Network Private Limited)3.45415% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Hanoi) (VNPT Corp)18.80615% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Subang) (PT. Fiber Networks Indonesia)6.51624% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bolivia (Santa Cruz) (COTAS LTDA.)7.50917% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Graham) (NEXTLINK-TEXAS)2.60117% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) (Uninet S.A. de C.V.)2.79317% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia !!! (PT. INTEGRASI NETWORK PERKASA)18.50410% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Canada (Saskatoon) (SASKTEL)5.47829% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Russia (St Petersburg) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)19.9913% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (Enfield) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)17.89817% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Neuviz Net)20.78720% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Antalya) !!! (High Speed Telekomunikasyon ve Hab. Hiz. Ltd. Sti.)8.78916% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Barranquilla) (UFINET PANAMA S.A.)21.08716% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Manado) !!! (PT Asia Central Telematika)4.8550% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Cúcuta) (EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P.)5.317% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Fonseca) (UFINET PANAMA S.A.)9.71917% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Reyhanli) (Veganet Teknolojileri ve Hizmetleri LTD STI)4.32116% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Angola (Luanda) (Paratus)21.54511% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya !!! (Giga-Communication)10.52623% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)5.48631% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Durg) (Foxtel Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.)4.44614% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Nuremberg) (Contabo GmbH)18.37340% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Lak Si) (TOT Public Company Limited)5.40312% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bekasi) (INDO Internet, PT)18.53626% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Quito) (NEDETEL S.A.)12.83440% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Cando) (MIDCO-NET)1.61246% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Internet Thailand Company Limited)7.98719% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (St Louis) (CONTABO)9.88746% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Surabaya) (PT. DATA Utama Dinamika)5.1620% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Narsingdi) !!! (Your Net)5.94813% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Manila) (Converge ICT Solutions Inc.)3.95322% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Puerto Eldorado) !!! (CRETTON LISANDRO MAXIMILIANO MISIOTECH)19.3297% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bandar Lampung) (PT. Megarap Mitra Solusi)5.2689% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Banyuwangi) !!! (PT Master Star Network)12.1236% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Linknet ASN)5.24244% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (St Louis) (CHARTER-20115)12.05225% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Teresina) (VIA PERSONAL TECNOLOGIA, INFORMACAO E COMUNICACAO)11.59528% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Little Rock) !!! (ATT-INTERNET4)12.08414% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Indramayu) (PT Anugerah Cimanuk Raya)3.15717% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bogor) !!! (PT Quantum Tera Network)4.55722% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bekasi) !!! (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)15.83712% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Port Montt) (Telefonica del Sur S.A.)8.17914% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)6.56318% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom185.132.40.130 (IONOS SE)16.10823% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Reseda) (TWC-20001-PACWEST)3.42433% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Biznet ISP)5.18917% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India103.170.43.66 (CYBERDYNE INFOSYSTEMS)6.17425% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Quantum Tera Network)10.0818% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Iran !!! (Asiatech Data Transmission company)22.47211% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Hyderabad) (CtrlS)5.39511% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) !!! (BitCommand LLC)4.91420% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (PT NettoCyber Indonesia)3.66210% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Barquisimeto) !!! (Corporacion Telemic C.A.)9.06411% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Debagram) (Pegasuswave Private Limited)5.10323% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United (SINGLEHOP-LLC)24.43312% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Voronezh) (Rostelecom)11.22434% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Nepal103.104.233.78 (Allied Net Link Technology Pvt Ltd)11.50713% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)India (Bengaluru) (BHARTI Airtel Ltd.)6.12213% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia103.78.74.44 (PT INDONESIA COMNETS PLUS)4.22815% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Murbad) (Microscan Computers Private Limited)18.26822% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mozambique (Maputo) (ABARICOMMOZ)10.12117% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Pune) (Shah Infinite Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)6.45511% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Garden City) (COMCAST-7922)12.17521% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Udon Thani) (True Online)7.70230% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Curitiba) (TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A)17.35453% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (North Bergen) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)14.36194% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran !!! (Aria Shatel Company Ltd)8.47917% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Ninh Binh) (VNPT Corp)10.91914% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Arequipa) !!! (FIBERRED SAC)3.22184% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Brasília) (OPENTEL Comercio e Servicos Ltda)4.23521% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Lima) !!! (VIETTEL PERU S.A.C.)9.92967% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Cabimas) !!! (COLNETWORK C.A.)7.83524% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya !!! (Aljeel-net)3.35424% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Fredericksburg) (NEXSTREAM)17.12717% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Madurai) (MRKR COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED)22.65115% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) (SOCIEDAD PIRQUE NET LIMITADA)5.47717% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (San Juan del Río) !!! (Wantelco SAS de CV)16.20222% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Linknet-Fastnet ASN)21.27930% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Henderson) (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales S.A.)5.69624% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Rembangan) !!! (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)6.92519% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Zipaquirá) !!! (COLUMBUS NETWORKS COLOMBIA)17.66112% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey188.132.222.18 (High Speed Telekomunikasyon ve Hab. Hiz. Ltd. Sti.)5.25514% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Tripoli) !!! (General Post and Telecommunication Company)3.11413% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Taiwan (Taipei) (Data Communication Business Group)6.38614% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Gunungsitoli) (PT Digital Gemilang Solusi)6.5815% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Netherlands (Amsterdam) (Scaleway S.a.s.)21.1137% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)South Africa (Lephalale) (BCSNET)4.06419% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) (LINKdotNET)8.68267% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Guatemala (Guatemala City) (INVERSIONES GRAJEDA ANDRADE S.A)2.54338% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Benghazi) !!! (General Post and Telecommunication Company)18.1838% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Du) !!! (CAT TELECOM Public Company Ltd,CAT)11.31612% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Pakistan103.151.237.42 (Lahore Express)18.00611% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)15.13232% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (esu2 Corporation)12.24729% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Phuket) (TOT Public Company Limited)12.79612% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil !!! (GTEC FIBRA)11.59113% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Guatemala (Guatemala City) (UFINET PANAMA S.A.)8.38211% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iraq212.126.96.154 (AL-SARD FIBER Co. for Internet Fiber and Optical Cable Services /Ltd.)17.67218% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)France (Paris) (Aruba SAS)7.1739% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Limache) (Telmex Servicios Empresariales S.A.)17.76612% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Palestinian Territory !!! (SpeedClick for Information Technology and Communication Ltd)0.77114% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey94.231.192.97 (High Speed Telekomunikasyon ve Hab. Hiz. Ltd. Sti.)6.09713% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Palestinian Territory (Gaza) (Quintiez Alfa General Trading Co.)7.15311% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (San Miguel) (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company)2.62321% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Malang) (PT Lintas Jaringan Nusantara)8.50738% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Nigeria (Awka) (Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN)7.6317% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Clifton) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)18.6147% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Spain82.223.161.184 (IONOS SE)22.04914% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Guatemala (Guatemala City) !!! (REDES Y TECNOLOGIA S.A.)17.41219% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Croatia (Zagreb) (A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.)7.94923% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (León) (Marcatel Com, S.A. de C.V.)5.01517% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (TOT Public Company Limited)11.40467% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Etisalat Misr)4.79336% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Thrissur) (Kerala Vision Broad Band Private Limited)18.4822% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Bengaluru) (Gatik Business Solutions)3.60420% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Chiang Mai) (TOT Public Company Limited)2.89240% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Atlanta) (AS-CHOOPA)24.5287% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas) !!! (CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL DE VENEZUELA C.A.)19.27966% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Palestinian Territory (Gaza) !!! (Fusion Internet Services Company LLC)4.93114% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Tangerang) !!! (BIZNET NETWORKS)5.74150% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Semarang) (PT Media Sarana Data)5.24932% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Fortaleza) (P3 Telecom LTDA)2.49314% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States162.212.155.177 (TZULO)24.334new -3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Ungaran) (Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata)12.0169% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (San Luis Potosí City) (ATC HOLDING FIBRA MEXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.)2.03664% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia36.64.170.114 (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)2.16338% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Si Racha) (TOT Public Company Limited)11.20619% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (Southampton) (Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd)2.11324% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Italy (Monza) (Fastweb)3.00321% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)South Africa (Centurion) (BCSNET)4.38314% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Georgia (Tbilisi) (Caucasus Online Ltd.)6.62819% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Gueican) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)12.3611% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Popayán) !!! (SIMECT GROUP REDES E INTERNET S.A.S)3.91424% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (JTL)13.3067% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (New York) (TWC-12271-NYC)10.49722% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Cambodia (Phnom Penh) (ISPIXP IN CAMBODIA WITH THE BEST VERVICE IN THERE.)9.17621% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jember) !!! (PT.Bestcamp Prima Data)9.66515% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Teziutlán) (Mega Cable, S.A. de C.V.)6.16717% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia !!! (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)3.6219% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Ranchi) (Max tech media and communications pvt ltd)14.50610% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Lima) !!! (GTD PERU S.A)18.41544% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Kazan`) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)10.76914% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Pustekkom)7.88715% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)South Africa (Wellington) !!! (Paw-Paw-Wireless)7.55627% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Surakarta) !!! (PT Media Sarana Data)6.33816% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) (Media Commerce Partners S.A)6.95717% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Sao Goncalo) (ALTA REDE CORPORATE NETWORK TELECOM LTDA - EPP)18.91715% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) (EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P.)1.299100% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Singaporechr-6.48.6.vmdk-s-1vcpu-512mb-10gb-sgp1-01 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)17.8636% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Peixoto de Azevedo) (EVO Networks)7.71128% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Aizawl) (Hyosec Solutions Private Limited)4.86912% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Teresina) (I T Tecnologia e Informacao Ltda)7.25622% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bucaramanga) !!! (Media Commerce Partners S.A)3.4535% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya102.38.8.233 (Giga-Communication)6.07730% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania (Lushnje) (Luva Group Sh.p.k.)6.64411% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi)8.79232% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (State College) (UDEL-DCN)3.44418% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (North Bergen) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)10.06167% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Gaibandha) !!! (iTel Limited)9.38815% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)France (Gonesse) (Free SAS)18.89830% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Quito) !!! (NEDETEL S.A.)5.88420% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Nellore) !!! (Excellmedia)18.85512% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (WorldLink Communications Pvt Ltd)10.11922% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Ixmiquilpan) (HULUX TELECOMUNICACIONES)16.22317% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Mar del Plata) (FIBRAS OPTICAS DE MAR DEL PLATA S.A.)8.3721% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Linknet-Fastnet ASN)2.75919% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Pekalongan) !!! (PT. ADEAKSA INDO JAYATAMA)6.65127% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Japan (Nishisakamachi) (NTT PC Communications, Inc.)8.50223% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Al Ma`adi) (TE-AS)3.86256% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Acevedo) !!! (GENIONET TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A.S)6.06314% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Kazan`) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)20.27267% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Hyderabad) !!! (Excellmedia)18.67930% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (General Trias) !!! (Globe Telecom Inc.)24.30318% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore134.209.99.34 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)18.64296% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo Este) (DERIVALNET Y COMUNICACIONES SRL)19.22414% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore178.128.125.246 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)0.80794% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Pakistanundefined.hostname.localhost (Getlinks SMC-Private Limited)2.26528% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Meerut) (Tejays Dynamic Limited)8.18914% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Malang) !!! (PT Marva Global Telekomunikasi)3.18412% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Malang) (PT JARINGANKU SARANA NUSANTARA)9.97820% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)VietNam45.119.87.230 (Long Van System Solution JSC)7.80939% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Villalonga) (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales S.A.)3.98918% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia36.88.11.215 (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)3.3816% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India103.160.206.140 (MORADABAD INTERNET SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED)5.66423% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia103.189.250.133 (PT Pandawa Lima Java Network)3.67519% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Kramatwatu) (PT Jala Lintas Media)11.35729% 4 hours ago (NOA)Japan !!! (NTT-LTD-2914)22.85558% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Medellín) (EDATEL S.A. E.S.P)1.22722% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (Plymouth) !!! (M247 UK Ltd)9.03412% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Pamplona) !!! (INTERNEXA Brasil Operadora de Telecomunicacoes S.A)2.8698% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore159.223.50.89 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)4.07167% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Andhra Pradesh) !!! (Venkata Sai Internet Pvt Ltd)2.8536% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Depok) !!! (PT Pusaka Kreasi Mandiri)11.61418% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore188.166.251.244 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)1.13275% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Czech Republic (Ostrava) (Nordic Telecom Regional s.r.o.)5.13924% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania (Tirana) (One Albania Sh.a.)1.36416% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom !!! (euNetworks GmbH)16.8199% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Guatemala (Mazatenango) (COMCEL GUATEMALA S.A.)8.69614% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran185.125.253.129 (Pishgaman Toseeh Ertebatat Company (Private Joint Stock))10.50918% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia !!! (PT. HIPERNET INDODATA)10.10819% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Bursa) (Veganet Teknolojileri ve Hizmetleri LTD STI)0.70521% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran (Isfahan) (Iran Telecommunication Company PJS)2.04239% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Karur) (Sri Vari Network Private Limited)13.43713% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru !!! (America Movil Peru S.A.C.)18.28510% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (Liquid Telecommunications Ltd)18.6689% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (BIZNET NETWORKS)4.19417% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) !!! (PT Mora Telematika Indonesia)4.73232% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Charlotte) (TWC-11426-CAROLINAS)18.65820% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT iForte Global Internet)5.81310% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Koronadal) (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company)17.02522% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Linknet ASN)10.83243% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Tuxpan) (INALAMBRICO DEDICADO S.A. DE C.V.)20.4925% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Campos dos Goytacazes) (SUMICITY TELECOMUNICACOES S.A.)7.45620% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) (Pacifico Cable SPA.)4.35118% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) (MI INTERNET SPA)5.35813% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Netherlands (Amsterdam) (Scalaxy B.V.)13.13586% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Fuente de Oro) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)18.10717% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)16.64940% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Tacloban City) (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company)7.08217% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Traunstein) !!! (Deutsche Telekom AG)7.95820% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran185.172.212.233 (Lesun communication furtherance engineers Co, (Ltd.))2.4289% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (San Luis Potosí City) (TOTAL PLAY TELECOMUNICACIONES SA DE CV)6.6713% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) !!! (Telmex Colombia S.A.)3.3335% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (São Paulo) (Wireless Comm Services LTDA)2.80416% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Carmona) (Globe Telecom Inc.)17.97222% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore157.245.204.137 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)14.69235% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Poland (Szczecin) (Espol Sp. z o. o.)5.67710% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (PT Mandala Lintas Nusa)7.2313% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran85.9.87.26 (Visparad Web Hosting Service LLC)4.36725% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Banyuwangi) !!! (PT Indo Access Semesta)5.35314% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Istanbul) (Superonline Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.)8.30311% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Babakangarut) (Biznet NAP - Internet Exchange Provider)10.22812% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Tangerang) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)7.489% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Japan (Misawa) (GLBB Japan KK)8.39510% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (Linknet ASN)18.34325% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran5.202.191.225 (Pishgaman Toseeh Ertebatat Company (Private Joint Stock))9.76416% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)2.8817% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India43.250.254.253 (Megahertz Internet Network Pvt. Ltd.)20.11416% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (South Tangerang) (PT. Fiber Networks Indonesia)12.60822% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran92.242.214.145 (Respina Networks & Beyond PJSC)19.05825% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Arequipa) !!! (FIBERRED SAC)5.066100% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Dominican Republic (Washington) (ORBITEK SRL)9.00747% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (Sbcloud LLC)0.17871% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mayotte (Koungou) (STOI-AS)3.47964% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Dhaka) (Abdur Rahim Bishas ta FAST NET)6.34828% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Mexicali) (Konecta de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.)8.32224% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Mariana) !!! (Conecta Minas Telecom LTDA)5.21220% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Carmona) (Globe Telecom Inc.)4.58322% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bucaramanga) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)9.26611% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) !!! (Symphony Communication Thailand PCL.)18.67819% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT Quantum Tera Network)5.28717% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) !!! (LINKdotNET)0.656100% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (Luton) (Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd)16.02415% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Murshidabad) (Pegasuswave Private Limited)17.79219% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Bom Sucesso) (AMERICAN TOWER DO BRASIL-COMUNICACAO MULTIMIDIA LT)7.58324% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia103.151.162.57 (PT. UNINET MEDIA SAKTI)2.28532% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Lampang) (True Online)6.88420% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Ibague) !!! (COLOMBIA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A. ESP)9.82110% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Belo Horizonte) (BTT TELECOMUNICACOES S.A.)5.71538% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Popayán) (DOBLECLICK SOFTWARE E INGENERIA)10.35516% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Omsk) (TRANSFER Ltd.)5.29826% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia103.188.168.15 (PT Lintas Jaringan Nusantara)4.3950% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran46.209.54.110 (Pardazeshgar Ray Azma Co. Ltd.)1.00486% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Semarang) !!! (PT Parsaoran Global Datatrans)11.11630% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Imus) (Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)11.25320% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia213.171.63.210 (JSC Comcor)6.75714% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Pitalito) !!! (SINERGY SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES)6.82510% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Depok) (PT Parsaoran Global Datatrans)19.00720% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kazakhstan (Astana) (JSC Transtelecom)15.42839% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (London) (Akamai Connected Cloud)23.3747% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Metileo) !!! (AGUAS DEL COLORADO SAPEM)9.9420% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India103.102.85.1 (Amigos Broadband Pvt Ltd)12.67115% 5 hours ago
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