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MIKROTIK Proxies are a proxy server that can perform the Internet object cache function by storing the requested Internet objects. Such data is available via HTTP and FTP protocols on systems that are positioned closer to the recipient in the form of accelerating customer browsing by sending a copy of the requested files from the proxy cache on the local network.

Free MIKROTIK Proxy Premium Server List

IP Proxy:PortProxy TypeAnonymity LevelCountry (City)Hostname (ISP/ORG)ResponseUptimeCheck Time (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Drustvo za telekomunikacije Orion telekom doo Beograd-Zemun)3.26617% 12 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Istanbul) (Turk Telekom)3.77111% 17 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Yan Ta Khao) (TOT Public Company Limited)3.41313% 22 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) (TE-AS)4.39433% 44 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Molokovo) (OJSC Comcor)11.05414% 54 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Taiwan (Taipei) !!! (Data Communication Business Group)11.0124% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas) !!! (IFX Networks Venezuela C.A.)13.35828% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Germany62.27.108.174 (ecotel communication ag)13.36214% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas) !!! (GALANET SOLUTION C.A.)10.48812% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Tripoli) !!! (Aljeel-net)6.3611% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Greece (Athens) !!! (OTEnet S.A.)4.522% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Amarillo) (SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS)11.6948% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Nigeria (Port Harcourt) (Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN)13.0348% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Paraguay (Ciudad del Este) ( SOCIEDAD ANONIMA)14.97428% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran81.91.145.206 (Farabord Dadeh Haye Iranian Co.)5.92320% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bolivia (Santa Cruz) !!! (Telefonica Celular de Bolivia S.A.)2.92112% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Navi Mumbai) (Pegasuswave Private Limited)4.39517% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Foley) (VIASAT-SP-BACKBONE)7.98211% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Jimenez) !!! (NIDIX NETWORKS S.A. DE C.V.)10.13514% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Ciudad Valles) (Uninet S.A. de C.V.)13.19850% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Hanoi)localhost (Viettel Group)8.02915% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)1.37814% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Clarksburg) (CITYNET)4.17513% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) !!! (INTERPIT TELECOMUNICACIONES LTDA)5.0267% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) !!! (LVLT-3549)5.32214% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran (Isfahan) (Iran Telecommunication Company PJS)11.236% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India103.215.207.50 (Foxtel Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.)3.30814% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Kanchanaburi) (TOT Public Company Limited)8.69323% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Colombia (San Andres de Palomo) !!! (TV ISLA LTDA)5.51425% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo Este) !!! (Gold Data C.A.)7.079% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)South Africa (Johannesburg) (Vodacom-VB)3.80113% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Izmir) (Turk Telekom)0.678new +4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Ufa) !!! (PJSC Bashinformsvyaz)6.33610% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ukraine (Bakhchisaray) (Tov Neo-telecom)6.5722% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Giza) (TE-AS)2.783new -4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mongolia (Ulan Bator) (Kewiko LLC)12.4411% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Chile (Los Vilos) (CHILE TV CABLE S.A.)5.41110% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iraq !!! (Al Lawn Al Akhdar International Company for Communications and Information Technology Ltd.)4.72718% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Commerce) (COMCAST-7922)6.31914% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bolivia (Santa Cruz) (COTAS LTDA.)13.82413% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt41.65.181.132 (Etisalat Misr)9.37523% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Valencia) !!! (PRINTER-NET-SERVICE, C.A.)2.20811% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)3.5616% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Rancagua) (ENTEL CHILE S.A.)9.526new -5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Chiang Mai) (The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CAT)3.19625% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Milagro) !!! (Anibal Humberto Enriquez MoncayoComunicate)5.55810% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Lansing) (AS-CMN)13.19712% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Grafenhausen) (Hetzner Online GmbH)13.15912% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)8.01114% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Rueso) (TOT Public Company Limited)7.32120% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ayutthaya) (Comptroller Generals Department)7.32717% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited)10.25438% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Ang Sila) (TOT Public Company Limited)10.4960% 6 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Uzbekistan (Tashkent) (Uzbektelekom Joint Stock Company)3.56850% 7 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Singapore (Singapore) (PhoenixNAP)6.88310% 7 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey !!! (Superonline Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.)1.75650% 7 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) !!! (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)2.34613% 7 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Serbia (Belgrade) (Orion Telekom Tim d.o.o.Beograd)8.6199% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)4.53716% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Ecatepec) (COGENT-174)5.11632% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Iquitos) !!! (SATELITAL TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A.C)4.59311% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt41.178.6.118 (LINKdotNET)8.15136% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Manavgat) !!! (Turk Telekom)4.58410% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Puerto Tejada) (Tierranet S.A.S.)7.84711% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (TE-AS)1.1956% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Nakhon Pathom) (CAT TELECOM Public Company Ltd,CAT)7.17415% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)7.07914% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania194.169.167.199 (Kadri Haxhiaj B.I.)6.00857% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Peru (Lima) (Telefonica del Peru S.A.A.)3.61917% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya197.232.135.174 (JTL)3.059% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Popayán) (EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P.)9.03418% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) (TE-AS)0.96524% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Singapore (Singapore) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)3.57315% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Apodaca) (TOTAL PLAY TELECOMUNICACIONES SA DE CV)6.39414% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kazakhstan (Shymkent) (JSC Alma Telecommunications)9.42215% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) (Etisalat Misr)0.63860% 8 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Mumbai) (Syscon Infoway Pvt. Ltd.)5.2920% 9 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (Liquid Telecommunications Ltd)8.10716% 9 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)2.42713% 9 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Cornville) (CABLEONE)6.0537% 9 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Netherlands (Amsterdam) (DataWeb Global Group B.V.)5.32420% 9 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (PJSC Moscow city telephone network)0.93418% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Panama (Panama City) (Cable Onda)3.00950% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) !!! (GRUPO ZGH SPA)4.6210% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) !!! (INDOSAT Internet Network Provider)2.96154% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bang Lamung) (Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited)10.47519% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (JTL)13.1376% 10 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Palm Springs) (TWC-20001-PACWEST)9.33513% 11 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Chanthaburi) (TOT Public Company Limited)7.23925% 11 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iran185.158.175.6 (Ertebatat Sabet Parsian Co. PJS)6.97610% 11 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (UFINET PANAMA S.A.)6.65826% 11 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) !!! (CAT TELECOM Public Company Ltd,CAT)7.95814% 11 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Ciudad Juárez) (Computadoras y Servicios Especiales SA de CV)9.85419% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt197.246.171.158 (Noor Data Networks)2.88742% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)6.21317% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Puebloviejo) (NEDETEL S.A.)3.31548% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Giza) (Etisalat Misr)13.117new -12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (El Doncello) !!! (FIBERNET TV SAS)9.01710% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Medellín) (Colombia Movil)5.56368% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) (COLUMBUS NETWORKS COLOMBIA)2.36411% 12 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Zacatelco) (Mega Cable, S.A. de C.V.)9.00820% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Davao City) (Internet Service Provider and Data Center)8.59216% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Huasca de Ocampo) (MAYSNET SA DE CV)4.61916% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Fuente de Oro) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)2.56319% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas)host-190-6-54-5.NET-UNO.NET (Net Uno, C.A.)5.94710% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Antuco) (ENTEL CHILE S.A.)5.4377% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt !!! (Etisalat Misr)0.73910% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Kazan’) (Pjsc tattelecom)4.23354% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (CKL1-ASN)5.5510% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)6.3328% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Phan Don) (TOT Public Company Limited)7.36420% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Paraguay (Villarrica) (Telecel S.A.)7.51129% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)VietNam (Ho Chi Minh City) !!! (VNPT Corp)5.28912% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Santiago) (CTC. CORP S.A. TELEFONICA EMPRESAS)3.6171% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited)3.29217% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Serbia (Belgrade) (Drustvo za telekomunikacije Orion telekom doo Beograd-Zemun)3.22418% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Equatorial Guinea (Bata) (GITGE)5.37930% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Angola (Luanda) (TVCaboAngola)5.49433% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt !!! (Etisalat Misr)1.86816% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Pakistan (Lahore) (Supernet Limited Transit Autonomous System Number)5.3929% 13 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt41.65.236.37 (Etisalat Misr)0.63715% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Khasavyurt) (DagNet Ltd.)2.0415% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (St Petersburg) (OOO Sestroretskoe Cable Television)4.0891% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania (Tirana) (Abissnet sh.a.)4.2798% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Delhi) !!! (Precious netcom pvt ltd)13.95812% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Cairo) (Etisalat Misr)7.72912% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Internet Thailand Company Limited)3.74224% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)8.79310% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Greenwood) !!! (ALTIUS-IN-AS)2.60829% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Hungary (Budapest) (Invitech ICT Services Kft.)3.83755% 14 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Quibdó) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)5.60717% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Iraq46.161.195.105 (Valin Company for General Trading and Communication LTD)12.1649% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) (Telmex Colombia S.A.)8.95418% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Konya) (Turk Telekom)5.67313% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ukraine !!! (Private enterprise Gorbunov A.A.)2.10333% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Santiago de Cali) !!! (Telmex Colombia S.A.)2.35214% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bucaramanga) (Media Commerce Partners S.A)8.28418% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India103.174.81.66 (CtrlS Datacenters Ltd.)3.0079% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Mumbai) !!! (SWIFT ONLINE BORDER AS)6.69720% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia193.138.178.6 (New Communication Technologies LLC)1.42433% 15 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Quilmes) !!! (CSCOM)11.62810% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania217.73.128.160 (Vodafone Albania Sh.A.)9.9478% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (JTL)12.86411% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kazakhstan (Zhangaözen) !!! (BiKaDa TOO)9.21514% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ireland (Dublin) !!! (Model Telecom Ltd)7.069% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Formosa) (REFSA TELECOMUNICACIONES)5.31418% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)10.72611% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas) !!! (INVERSIONES RDN3 C.A.)5.73220% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Quilmes) (Telecom Argentina S.A.)8.82518% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (CORPORACION FIBEX TELECOM, C.A.)12.82442% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)2.05515% 16 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt !!! (Etisalat Misr)7.23413% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey (Mugla) (Turk Telekom)5.59314% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Czech Republic (Sezemice) !!! (CD-Telematika a.s.)6.32317% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Caracas) (GALANET SOLUTION C.A.)3.03510% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Croatia (Zagreb) (A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.)5.22924% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Chiang Rai) (Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited)9.75233% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Ufa) (PJSC Bashinformsvyaz)9.51521% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Hyderabad) !!! (Excellmedia)2.77420% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Finland (Helsinki) (Hetzner Online GmbH)4.65511% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Venezuela (Caracas) (LVLT-3549)9.8719% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Abissnet sh.a.)8.68813% 17 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Pakistan (Lahore) !!! (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)4.13725% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Ang Sila) (SBN-ISPAWN-ISP and SBN-NIXAWN-NIX)1.5517% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Hong Kong !!! (Megadatta, C.A.)3.1993% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Rostov-on-Don) (JSC ER-Telecom Holding)1.29217% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Colombia (Medellín) !!! (COLUMBUS NETWORKS COLOMBIA)6.2718% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Anonymous (ANM)Colombia (El Doncello) (TV AZTECA SUCURSAL COLOMBIA)3.62711% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Dominican Republic (Santiago de los Caballeros) !!! (WIRELESS MULTI SERVICE VARGAS CABRERA, S. R. L)2.63433% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Venezuela (Barquisimeto) !!! (NetLink America C.A.)4.87317% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Ciudad Delicias) !!! (RAUL DUARTE URITA)2.97410% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Bhagwangola) !!! (Pegasuswave Private Limited)4.45910% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Egypt (Giza) (LINKdotNET)0.84819% 18 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (Buenos Aires) !!! (COSEIDI S.A.)7.4864% 19 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Cambodia36.37.160.242 (ISPIXP IN CAMBODIA WITH THE BEST VERVICE IN THERE.)2.30113% 19 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Poland (Warsaw) (T-Mobile Polska S.A.)3.63514% 19 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)United States (Winchester) !!! (ALTIUS-IN-AS)9.3117% 19 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kenya (Nairobi) (ACCESSKENYA GROUP LTD is an ISP serving)4.50712% 20 hours ago
NOA: Non Anonymous (Transparent) Proxy * ANM: Anonymous Proxy * HIA: High Anonymous (Elite) Proxy * Uptime: Higher = Better * Response: Lower = Better * HTTPS: HTTP Proxy with SSL support

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