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SQUID Proxies are supports caching of many different kinds of Web objects, including those accessed through HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, VPN and more. This can optimises the data flow between client and server to improve performance and caches frequently-used content to save bandwidth.

Free SQUID Proxy Premium Server List

IP Proxy:PortProxy TypeAnonymity LevelCountry (City)Hostname (ISP/ORG)ResponseUptimeCheck Time (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (London) (AS-CHOOPA)0.20587% 14 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) !!! (Stark Industries Solutions Ltd)0.1643% 17 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (San Jose) (ORACLE-BMC-31898)0.8673% 17 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Düsseldorf) (Contabo GmbH)12.5337% 19 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Hong Kong (Central) (Alibaba US Technology Co., Ltd.)20.45150% 20 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Malawi !!! (CTNL1-AS)1.046100% 22 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)VietNam103.110.84.246 (AZDIGI Corporation)1.13167% 23 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Italy (Milan) (Seflow s.r.l.)0.54763% 25 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Hong Kong (Central) (Alibaba US Technology Co., Ltd.)1.06734% 27 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Düsseldorf) (Contabo GmbH)14.33244% 29 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) !!! (Stark Industries Solutions Ltd)0.24740% 30 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)13.967new -31 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)6.06628% 39 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Taiwan (Taipei) (Data Communication Business Group)10.15950% 40 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Hong Kong (Central) (HUAWEI CLOUDS)7.0225% 42 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.139new +43 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Cando) (MIDCO-NET)1.14856% 45 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Santa Clara) (Alibaba US Technology Co., Ltd.)21.68846% 47 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)7.867new -49 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (Akamai Connected Cloud)0.197new +50 mins ago (Squid)Anonymous (ANM) (OVH SAS)0.201100% 53 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.19766% 53 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Finland (Helsinki) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.217new +56 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Finland (Helsinki) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.216100% 57 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)France (Conflans-Sainte-Honorine) (Societe Francaise Du Radiotelephone - SFR SA)2.45769% 1 hours ago (Squid)Anonymous (ANM)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) !!! (AMAZON-02)15.14322% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.203new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Nuremberg) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.194new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)0.234100% 1 hours ago (Squid)Anonymous (ANM)Russia (Novosibirsk) (Novotelecom Ltd)0.4575% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Finland (Helsinki) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.23new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (North Bergen) !!! (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)17.64767% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Australia (Sydney) (Akamai Connected Cloud)1.491new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.183new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.208new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United (A2HOSTING)5.17821% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore209.97.172.58 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)8.47645% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Hong Kong (Central) (HUAWEI CLOUDS)10.905100% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Reston) (UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HK LIMITED)21.50526% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.193100% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.137new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.173new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Iran194.225.227.130 (Iran University Of Science and Technology)19.31614% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.185100% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Nuremberg) (Contabo GmbH)15.50827% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Gunzenhausen) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.184new +1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Düsseldorf) (Contabo GmbH)7.15357% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Canada (Saskatoon) (SASKTEL)14.01127% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Leverkusen) (Hetzner Online GmbH)10.09227% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)0.207100% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Akamai Connected Cloud)0.957new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Council Bluffs) (GOOGLE-CLOUD-PLATFORM)12.3943% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.13780% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)7.80426% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.176100% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)3.41685% 2 hours ago (Squid)Anonymous (ANM)Guatemala (Guatemala City) (UFINET PANAMA S.A.)1.20394% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.198new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)20.30429% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Berlin) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.21new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)India45.119.9.158 (Ishans Network)19.48613% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)0.35745% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.18857% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)France (Paris) (M247 Europe SRL)0.21124% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)0.209100% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.192100% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)VietNam45.124.94.8 (VNPT Corp)12.76129% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Canada (Québec) (MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK)5.92127% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.192new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (London) (Akamai Connected Cloud)8.42613% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.192new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (Akamai Connected Cloud)0.171new +2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Piscataway) (AS-CHOOPA)1.5530% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.21480% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United Kingdom (Peterborough) (OVH SAS)21.11412% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Gunzenhausen) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.196100% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.24191% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.192100% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (San Miguel de Tucumán) (Telecom Argentina S.A.)8.33264% 2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.20286% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.17855% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.162100% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Malawi !!! (CTNL1-AS)0.77100% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.2279% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.19967% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Portland) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.92178% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Portland) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.89100% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Netherlands (Amsterdam) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)8.3833% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.1964% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Gunzenhausen) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.19159% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Portland) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.90559% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Clifton) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)8.67633% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)0.20794% 4 hours ago (Squid)Anonymous (ANM)Thailand61.19.109.236 (The Communication Authoity of Thailand, CAT)11.5810% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United (AS-COLOCROSSING)9.86221% 4 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Akamai Connected Cloud)0.958new +4 hours ago
NOA: Non Anonymous (Transparent) Proxy * ANM: Anonymous Proxy * HIA: High Anonymous (Elite) Proxy * Uptime: Higher = Better * Response: Lower = Better * HTTPS: HTTP Proxy with SSL support

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