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TRANSPARENT or Non Anonymous (NOA) Proxies are the web server can know you are using a proxy and it can also know your real IP address. The lowest level of anonymity. Your IP address is hidden from the websites you access. However, these proxies cache the website pages you visit. This makes web access faster, but it also means your IP can be found on the server. People often choose this option when their goal is to visit blocked websites, bypass firewalls or download from file hosting sites - rather than hide identity.

Free TRANSPARENT (NOA) Proxy Premium Server List

IP Proxy:PortProxy TypeAnonymity LevelCountry (City)Hostname (ISP/ORG)ResponseUptimeCheck Time (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Philippines (Manila) (Eastern Telecoms Phils., Inc.)7.8833% 9 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Rosas) (SIMECT GROUP REDES E INTERNET S.A.S)8.3019% 15 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Samut Sakhon) (JasTel Network International Gateway)2.44325% 18 mins ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (Hetzner Online GmbH)10.67631% 21 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Deodapolis) (SERVICOS E COMUNICACAO LTDA)9.08146% 54 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Dhaka) !!! (Sajid Trading Ltd.)12.394new -54 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Semarang) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)3.158new +55 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Bogotá) (LVLT-3549)6.77341% 55 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Novosibirsk) (Sibirskie Seti Ltd.)1.77419% 56 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Benin (Cotonou) (ISOCEL)4.6742% 57 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Petrolina) (WANTEL TECNOLOGIA LTDA. EPP)6.72733% 57 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Ciamis) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)7.99738% 58 mins ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia36.94.142.165 (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)9.94827% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) (TM Net, Internet Service Provider)13.13250% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (NTT PC Communications, Inc.)1.3167% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Moldova (Tighina) (Societatea mixta pe actiuni de tip inchis Interdnestrcom)7.94353% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Sagwara) (Kappa Internet Services Private Limited)6.28511% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Spain (Úbeda) (Innovaciones Tecnlogicas del Sur S.L.)6.74520% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Min Buri) (True Internet Co.,Ltd.)10.395new +1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile ( (CTC. CORP S.A. (TELEFONICA EMPRESAS))7.26531% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (PT ARTHA TELEKOMINDO)12.36333% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Sidoarjo) !!! (PT Maxindo Mitra Solusi)6.08243% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Mannheim) (Hetzner Online GmbH)11.50129% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Bang Kung) (TOT Public Company Limited)11.72267% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ukraine (Chuhuyiv) (CHKS LLC)7.74343% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bangladesh (Dhaka) !!! (Spark Online)8.9867% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Udon Thani) (TOT Public Company Limited)8.58926% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (Quevedo) (CINECABLE TV)7.65725% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bang Na) (TRUE INTERNET Co.,Ltd.)13.9930% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Recife) (1TELECOM SERVICOS DE TECNOLOGIA EM INTERNET LTDA)6.27922% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Hungary (Budaors) (Invitech ICT Services Kft.)6.54473% 1 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Bowling Green) (WORLDNET5-10)1.54496% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (TerraNet sal)4.233new -1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Registro) (TELEFONICA BRASIL S.A)4.67686% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia185.102.138.148 (LLC Digital Dialogue-Nets)1.97130% 1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Ban Laem Bang Yang) (TOT Public Company Limited)1.917new -1 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Ilhéus) (AJNS PROVEDOR DE INTENRET LTDA)3.87350% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Medellín) !!! (Telmex Colombia S.A.)8.73522% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (JasTel Network International Gateway)5.45350% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (JasTel Network International Gateway)2.40950% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bulgaria (Vratsa) (A1 Bulgaria EAD)0.51522% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Malang) (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia)2.934new -2 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Las Vegas) (PONYNET)8.9254% 2 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Bekasi) (PT. Fiber Networks Indonesia)6.13328% 3 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Buffalo) (PONYNET)4.483% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Uttamapalaiyam) !!! (Sigaram Networks Pvt Ltd)5.98550% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Nakhon Pathom) (TOT Public Company Limited)6.28450% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Ulyanovsk) (Rostelecom)5.39633% 3 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Bolivia (La Paz) (Telefonica Celular de Bolivia S.A.)8.037100% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Seychelles (Victoria) (ASINTELVISION)9.75350% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ecuador (San Lorenzo de Esmeraldas) (NEDETEL S.A.)8.94631% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil168.227.222.78 ( Telecomunicacoes LTDA ME)5.29820% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Espera Feliz) (Acesse Comunicacao Ltda)6.03529% 4 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (San Jose de la Dormida) (Telecom Argentina S.A.)2.10346% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia (Jakarta) (BIZNET NETWORKS)7.36663% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Thailand (Bangkok) (True Internet Co.,Ltd.)4.57767% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)United States (Seattle) (AS-CHOOPA)7.99626% 5 hours ago (NOA)United States (Boydton) (MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK)3.4560% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Ukraine (Vinnytsia) (Stasishen Aleksandr Afanasiyovich)7.23333% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Germany (Frankfurt am Main) (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)0.341new5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)0.62857% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Croatia (Zagreb) !!! (A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.)1.64141% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Sopo) !!! (LVLT-3549)2.714% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Turkey !!! (Turk Telekom)3.74336% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Nicaragua (Managua) (Amnet Telecomunicaciones S.A.)2.076new5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Gondal) !!! (Vision Hi-speed Technology 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Delhi) !!! (Tata Teleservices ISP AS)3.11523% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Luzerna) (Millenium Com de Mat e Sist de Inf. Ltda)6.63828% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Albania91.210.136.202 (ITirana Sh.p.k.)6.48544% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Russia (Moscow) (NetOne Rus JSC)0.5325% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Chile (Melipilla) (TELECOMUNICACIONES WIFIRED LIMITADA)5.55240% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)Singapore165.22.110.240 (DIGITALOCEAN-ASN)6.41260% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA) (Internet Thailand Company Limited)4.0267% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Cancún) (Internacional de Digitalizacion SA de CV)5.34129% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Jaguariaiva) (MT-TELECOM SUL)7.49942% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)India (Renukoot) (Ani Broadband Service Pvt Ltd)3.18423% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Indonesia103.214.54.90 (PT.Bangsawan Cyberindo)4.69832% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Mexico (Mexico City) (Axtel, S.A.B. de C.V.)7.41313% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Colombia (Buenaventura) (INTERNEXA S.A. E.S.P)4.53940% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Brazil (Dourados) (JS TELECOMUNICACOES EIRELI)6.73422% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Kazakhstan (Shymkent) (JSC Kazakhtelecom)7.34267% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Taiwan (Taipei) (Data Communication Business Group)5.93732% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA)France (Toulon) (Orange)7.10733% 5 hours ago (Mikrotik)Transparent (NOA)Argentina (General Martin Miguel de Gueemes) !!! (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales S.A.)8.22610% 5 hours ago (Squid)Transparent (NOA) (OVH SAS)1.90342% 5 hours ago
NOA: Non Anonymous (Transparent) Proxy * ANM: Anonymous Proxy * HIA: High Anonymous (Elite) Proxy * Uptime: Higher = Better * Response: Lower = Better * HTTPS: HTTP Proxy with SSL support

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